Buffalo-Johnson County Recycling Center

Buffalo-JohnsonCountyRecycling Center

Revised 12/27/2012

TheRecyclingCenter, located at550 Butte Street,Buffalo, (behind the Econo Lodge and west of Ace Hardware) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for recycled items to be dropped off.  However, electronic and e-waste have reduced hours and months for recycling.  Please direct your recycling questions to Josie, 217-0320, from7 amto2 pm, Weekdays. Contact Josie prior to bringing large amounts of recycling material. 

The Recycling Center Joint Powers Board meets the second Monday of the Month at5:15 pmat theRecyclingCenter.  Visitors and suggestions are welcome.  Please call Dean Knauer, 684-5621, to be placed on the agenda.

Please note we have listed a few items below that can not be accepted, since we do not have a recycling outlet to send them to.  Once bulletin board is mounted on the front of the building, we will post updates of recycling items that we take. 

Check back often because we may be taking additional items or we may have to stop taking an item if we do not have a recycling outlet to ship it to.

Rest assured that we ship all of the recycled items we receive to a reputable recycling agent and we do not take them to the landfill.

Thank you for your support of theRecyclingCenter.  Without you we would not be able to recycle the wide variety items we have listed below.

The following items can be dropped off to be recycled.

The information below will help you and the Recycling Center become more efficient at recycling.

Plastics:  Plastic bags, bottles, buckets, food tubs, flower pots, plastic cups and glasses, milk jugs, bubblewrap, shrinkwrap, Tupperware, plastic sheeting or similar items. We take any plastic item with a recycle logo  numbered 1 thru 7. Please remove plastic caps from containers, rinse and remove all metal.  We also take plastic caps if they are NOT attached to the bottles.  We are not accepting PVC and poly pipe, reinforced nylon tarps, and oil or chemical containers; please dispose of these items properly.

Cans:  Please rinse and separate aluminum cans from tin and steel cans.  Place metal lids (from glass jars and cans) with the tin and steel cans.  Place aluminum foil with the aluminum cans.  Use a magnet to determine if some cans with white linings are aluminum or steel.  We are not accepting oil or chemical containers and propane tanks; please dispose of these items properly.

Glass:  Includes all food jars and drink bottles, regardless of color. Please rinse jars.  Remove metal lids and place them with the tin and steel recycling products. Place glass in the round plastic drums located in front of the building.  We do not take corks, vases, ceramics or similar.  We are not accepting oil or chemical containers; please dispose of these items properly.

Cardboard:  This includes corrugated, paperboard (like cereal boxes, shoe boxes and other lightweight boxes), egg cartons, hardback book covers, cardboard tubing or similar.  Thank you for breaking down your boxes.  For ease of recycling, place small paperboard containers and tubing in larger cardboard boxes or plastic sacks before dropping them off.  We are not accepting waxed containers like paper milk cartons or similar.

Paper:  School and office paper, newspapers, catalogs, magazines, telephone books, junk mail, soft-cover books and hardback books (with the covers removed) or similar.  For ease of recycling, place junk mail in paper sacks before dropping them off.  Christmas and other wrapping paper are being taken during December and January.  Place wrapping paper in sacks before dropping off.  Note that bags of shredded paper can be dropped off the first Thursday of each month. 

Styrofoam: This includes hard and soft Styrofoam used as packing.  Also included is soft Styrofoam used for food products such as plates and cups.  Clean and remove all tape, paper, shrink wrap, etc before depositing.   Packing peanuts are accepted if they are placed in closed bags. 

Electronic Waste and E-Waste:  Anything that runs on electricity or uses batteries, except large appliances.  Typical items are cell phones, chargers, radios, small TV's and microwaves, cameras, small appliances or similar.  These items will only be taken during January, May and September. Place these items in the large cardboard boxes located inside the west gate next to the west side of the building.  The gate will be open weekdays from7 am to3 pm and weekends from10 am to2 pm during these 3 months. 

Throughout the year we take sealed household batteries including AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt, watch, hearing aid or similar batteries.  Recycle lead acid vehicle batteries at local businesses that handle these batteries. 

Christmas lights and other electrical cords and wire will be taken throughout the year.  Place in the large box located in front of the building.

We do not accept refrigerators, air conditioners, large appliances or similar; please dispose of these items properly.

Thank you for Recycling; it is the right thing to do.  It extends the life of our landfill and it reduces the need to use limited natural resources to manufacture new products.