Important Dates

January 1: All taxable property is listed, valued and assessed for taxation.

March 1: Second installment of prior year property tax due (delinquent after May 10).

March 1: Taxpayers must file a listing of taxable personal property with the County Assessor.

 March 31: Land owners must file mineral exemption forms.

On or Before the 4th Monday in April: Assessment schedules are mailed to taxpayers.

4th Monday in May: Qualified veterans (or surviving spouse) shall file for property tax exemption, (if using it for Real Estate Tax).

No Later Than July 31: All special districts inform the Assessor and County Commissioners of the amount of tax to be collected.

3rd Monday in August: County Assessor computes taxes and delivers assessment roll to County Treasurer for collection.

September 1: First installment of current year property tax is due (delinquent after November 10th unless all taxes are paid by December 31st).

On or Before October 10: County Treasurer sends tax bills, including property description, assessed value and mill levies, to each taxpayer at last known address.