Updated as of July 1, 2013 per W.S. 18-3-402(xvi)

Recording of instruments (including mining claims)  
First Page $12.00
Each Additional Page $3.00
Instrument having more than 5 grantors or grantees of a different- surname or more than five (5) claim names— each additional name $1.00
Instrument: additional recording charge for each section (including quarter and quarter-quarter, if applicable), block, lot or track in excess of 10 $1.00
Instrument containing more than 2 real estate descriptions by book and page—each posting exceeding 2 descriptions $2.00
Plat (Addition & Subdivisions) $75.00
Survey Map (WSS 33-29-139) (Rd Surveys any size) $50.00
Bond Oath and Notary Public Commission
Each Additional Page
Corner recordation or certificate $5.00
Map w/deed containing metes and bounds (WSS 18-3-402(a)(vii) $5.00
Military discharge and separation papers - no charge NC
Misc Liens (WSS 29-9-101 thru 102) (Fixture Filings etc) $12.00
Each Additional Page $3.00
Filing Fees  
State tax liens $20.00
Federal tax liens $20.00
Termination of State and Federal tax liens - INCLUDED IN FILING FEES NC
Termination for liens filed prior to 7/1/1993 $5.00
Termination for liens filed 7/1/1993 and after - no charge NC
Partial Releases of liens for Federal, State, and Regular UCC $5.00
Statement of Amendment, continuation or assignment $5.00
Security Agreements/Financing Statements $20.00
Each additional certificate of title where lien is noted for perfection $1.00
Certification (per document; does not include costs for copies) $5.00
Titles $15.00
VIN/HIN $10.00
Lien Search & Certification, affix seal (per name) $20.00
Marriage License $30.00
Certified Copy $5.00
Miscellaneous Fees  
Fax processing per page (excluding copies) to send $1.00
Fax processing per page (excluding copies) to receive $0.50
Photocopies per page made by client $0.50
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