Debra R. Vandel

Clerk of District Court
620 W Fetterman Street
Suite 208
Buffalo, WY 82834
Phone: (307) 684-7271
Fax: (307) 684-5146



   The Clerk of District Court is responsible for maintaining the records and cases filed in the Fourth Judicial District Court, Johnson County, dating back to 1886. The Clerk has a variety of duties including: the processing of cases with court-ordered payments, administration of appeals from the court to the Wyoming Supreme Court, and setting up and monitoring the Jury Panel for Jury Trials in the District Court for Johnson County.

   Legal matters filed in the District Court include: Civil cases over $50,000 (Contract, Real Property, Torts) Domestic Relations, Probate Estates, Guardianships, Adoptions, Criminal Felonies, Juvenile Delinquency, Children in Need of Supervision, Neglect and Abuse, etc.

   Court ordered payments collected and distributed through this office as set by the Wyoming Statutes include: filing fees, Bonds; (both civil and criminal) Criminal Fines, Fees, Restitution and Child Support.

   US Citizens can apply for passports or obtain renewal forms in our office on the second floor of the Johnson County Judicial Center, 620 West Fetterman, Suite 208, Buffalo, WY. Applications are accepted from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday

   The Clerk of District Court Office keeps the records of all court papers according to the law as set out in Wyoming Statutes. The Clerk of District Court Office is here to serve the public within the scope of our statutory duties and guidelines. However, we are prohibited by the same statutes from disclosing any confidential information and prohibited to give any legal advice.  You must seek legal advice from a licensed attorney. We can give you information regarding basic court procedures.