Information Regarding Status of Draft Johnson County Zoning Regulations

Updated March 28, 2014


On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, the Johnson County Planning Department and Planning & Zoning Commission presented the final complete Johnson County Zoning Regulations to the Board of County Commissioners.  Some minor changes were made to the document after the Public Hearings held by the Planning and Zoning Commission on December 4, 2013 in Buffalo and December 5, 2013 in Kaycee.

No decision has been made by the Board of County Commissioners on adoption and no time frame has been set for any future action on the regulations

Copies of the final regulations are available in electronic form on this website (see Planning & Zoning Documents page).  Electronic copies on disk (CD) can also be acquired at the Johnson County Planning Department office at 26 N. DeSmet Street in Buffalo, WY, by calling to (307) 684-1907 or by email to

Printed copies of the final regulations are available at the following locations:

  • Johnson County Planning Department, Office Annex A, 26 N. DeSmet, Suite A, Buffalo, WY
  • Johnson County Public Library, 171 N. Adams Street, Buffalo, WY
  • Kaycee Branch of Johnson County Public Library, 231 Ritter Avenue, Kaycee, WY (copies available by Friday, March 28, 2014)

Copies of the draft document are also available via the following methods and formats:

  1. Electronic files format on disks (CD's) at the Johnson County Planning Department office, Johnson County Office Annex A, 26 N. DeSmet,Buffalo,WY.
  2. Electronic files format on this Johnson County Government website (Planning & Zoning Department, Planning & Zoning Documents link)
  3. Upon request, mailed copy of CD or printed document. Contact the Johnson County Planning & Zoning Department to request mailing - Telephone (307) 684-1907 or email

Draft Zoning Regulations Public Comments Workshop, Kaycee, WY - November 29, 2012

The above information has been provided by Rob Yingling, Johnson County Planner & Project Manager - Last updated: March 28, 2014

          Johnson County Subdivision Regulations Revision


The Johnson County Planning Department is currently revising the Johnson County Subdivision Regulations, which have not been revised since their original adoption by the Board of County Commissioners in April of 1996.  Three separate amendments to the regulations have been adopted since 1996.  The revision is being done to:

  1. Incorporate the three separate adopted amendments into the regulations document,
  2. incorporate changes that have occurred in the Wyoming State Subdivisions statute,
  3. better reflect current subdivision needs and conditions, and
  4. make the regulations document more user friendly.

Planning and Zoning has been working through changes during each regular scheduled meeting as a regular agenda item.
Public hearings will advertised and held by the Johnson County Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Johnson County Commissioners, and public comments will received and considered prior to adoption of the revised regulations.