All incoming mail must be delivered via the U.S. Postal System.  Mail will be distributed to inmates six days a week.  Incoming mail with an incomplete return address will not be delivered and will be destroyed.  All incoming mail shall be opened and inspected for contraband, money orders, cash, or cashier checks.  Incoming mail will be scanned, but will not normally be read unless circumstances present a compelling reason to do so.  The exception to this policy is legal or official mail.  Mail from an attorney, court, and court official, or identifiable legal entity may only be opened in the inmate’s presence and then only to be inspected for contraband.  The inspection is strictly for the purpose of insuring that contraband is not being sent into the facility and shall be done in such a manner so as not to violate the confidentiality of the communication.  Legal and official mail must be enclosed in an envelope that is readily identified as having originated from an official source before it can be treated as such, and must be clearly marked legal mail.  Any mail containing contraband will not be delivered or returned.

Unauthorized items include, but are not limited to; stamps, stationery, writing instruments, items containing glue, drawings, computer generated print-outs, oversized greeting cards, credit cards, blank checks, plastic items, jewelry, candy, food, Polaroid/instant print pictures, sexually explicit photographs, and anything used to conduct a business.  Mail containing unauthorized items will be destroyed. All inmate-to-inmate communication via the mail must be approved, including mailings between other federal and state institutions.  Only mail between immediate family members in custody will be approved, if the relationship is documented.

Outgoing mail (other than legal mail) will always be opened, checked for contraband and scanned for correspondence not contusive to the safety, order and management of the facility.  A Sheriff’s Office staff member will stamp all outgoing mail identifying it as ‘Inmate Mail” from an inmate at the Johnson County Detention Center.

Incoming mail not addressed like the following example may be returned to the Post Office as undeliverable or its delivery to the inmate may be delayed considerably:

Inmates Full Name

Johnson County Detention Center

639 Fort Street

Buffalo, WY  82834