An Inmate at this facility will be able to choose 5 adult visitors to visit them during the designated times.  When an inmate chooses 5 visitors, Detention Staff will validate the approval of said visitors.  Listed visitors will have to provide valid ID at time of visitation. This facility utilizes a video visitation system.


All visitors will conduct themselves in a courteous, polite and professional manner.   Please be respectful of other visitors and their visitation time. 

Any visitor that appears, or is found to be under the influence of anything, will immediately have to leave.  

All visits will be monitored and recorded.  No vulgar language or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.  If this is found to be breached, the visitation will be terminated for the session and may be indefinitely.

Visitation Hours:

Wednesday       A and C Blocks, 6pm to 9:30pm

Thursdays           B, D and E Blocks 6pm to 9:30pm

Saturdays            A and C Blocks, 9am to 11:45am, 1pm to 4pm

Sundays               B, D and E Blocks 9am to 11:45am, 1pm to 4pm